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    JustTeenSite - Lika - Free Born - x141

    My first post here :W

    Short Information
    Name: Lika
    Age: 20
    Hair Color: Ligth Brown
    Country: Ukraine


    Today we talk with Lika, an adorable 20 year old Ukrainian maiden with light brown hair, super cute tan lines, and a wonderfully firm tight body. She also happens to have a super bubbly, quite adventurous spirit, so enjoy!

    Q: Hi, Lika. How goes it?
    L: I'm great, thanks!

    Q: We just checked out your series, Free Born, in which you appear with a horse. Are you into horse-riding?
    A: Very much! I have loved horses since I was young, and recently I have started riding them out at a camp near my town. I love the feel of the animal you know, all that power between my legs

    Q: Wo! Okay! Do you always ride them naked?
    A: Only when there are boys watching!

    Q: Very nice! So tell us more about yourselfв?¦what you do for work and fun, etc...
    A: Now I am living with two of my friends in an apartment, one boy and one girl, though none of us are "going out". It's kind of a party house, since we always have friends sleeping over and we are always throwing parties. I work only part time at a grocery store, doing the money exchange. And for fun, I do what other girls my age like to do; whatever is cool and likely to involve having a good time.

    Q: How'd you come to pose on JustTeenSite?
    A: I actually saw the site on the Internet. My friends and I love to surf for porn. And I recognized a girl I know from some of our parties. And so next time I saw her I asked her what was up, posing nude on the web and all that, and she told me about it and it sounded totally fun and cool, so I tried it.

    Q: You made a very good decision.
    A: Do you like my sexy photos?

    Q: O, yes. Very much. Do you like them?
    A: I think I do. Sometimes I think I look hotter than I am, and sometimes I think I don't. But all in all, I think they're pretty cool.

    Q: You mean, you might actually look better in real life than you do in your photos?
    A: I think so, at least

    Q: Now that's something we'd like to see!
    A: So, come on over!

    Q: O yeah. Some day maybe we will п?? But until then, we have to stay professional. So tell us, you have some very appealing tan lines on your very sexy little breasts. Do you sit out in the sun a lot?
    A: I am a total sun worshipper. Any time I get a chance, even in the winter, I am on the roof tanning. And I like the tan lines, so I wear a suit most of the time. I will tan topless now and then, but I get really burnt, so I keep it light.

    Q: What's up for you in the next 5 years?
    A: I suppose I have to get my act together and go to school, though I don't really want to. Maybe I'll just marry someone rich and do whatever he wants as long as he pays my way. I just hate working, that's all.

    Q: Maybe you'll make enough as a nude model
    A: You think? That would be awesome.

    Q: We'll do what we can!
    A: Thanks!

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    Re: Lika - Free Born - x141

    Lika is a very natural nice girl.
    Has anyone more (new) stuff of this Beauty ?

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