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    JustTeenSite - Itna - Chirao - 89x

    :bj: Itna in "Chirao"
    Age: 19
    Hair Color: Brown
    Country: Russia
    Set Name: Chiaro
    Date: 2006-12-18 (new!)
    :X Photographer: Georg Shoes


    This week we talk to Itna, a 19 year old brunette from Russia. Itna is a very sexy young model with large breasts and a very curvaceous body. And her set in which sheís smothered in oil has become one of our most popular.

    Q: Hey, Itna.
    I: Hi.

    Q: Whatís happening?
    A: I am in my room, on my computer, talking to you!

    Q: Glad for it! Are you naked?
    A: No!

    Q: Okay. Thatís fine. We always have the photos.
    A: Have you seen them?

    Q: O yes!
    A: Do you like them?

    Q: O yes!
    A: I think they turned out very good too.

    Q: The one where you spread oil all over your body is a huge member
    A: That was fun!

    Q: How did you end up being on JustTeenSite?
    A: Through a friend whoís a model. But sheís not my friend anymore, so I
    wonít say her name.

    Q: Ouch. Bad fight?
    A: No. Just some girls and their anger arenít worth my time.

    Q: Well said. So, whatís it like in a day in the life of the lovely Itna?
    A: I work at an ice cream parlor scooping ice cream 8 hours every day. I
    hate it. But Iím also going to school so some day Iíll be out of that. When
    I graduate Iíll be a nurse and hopefully marry a rich gangster.

    Q: What?
    A: Just kidding. I have a boyfriend, but heís not a gangster.

    Q: What is he, other than the luckiest guy in the world?
    A: Heís a student too, but heís studying finance. A money guy. I like that.

    Q: What was it like rubbing oil all over your body for the camera?
    A: Is that what you want to talk about?

    Q: Yes!
    A: It was very hot. It made me totally excited, and when I was done I felt
    like having sex with the photographer, but, too bad for me, he is married.

    Q: So what?!?!
    A: Come on! Men are all pigs.

    Q: Okay, youíre right. But he should have gone and gotten a divorce so he
    could sleep with you!
    A: Good one!

    Q: Youíre a beautiful young woman. If you were going to do another photo
    shoot, what would you like it to be?
    A: I enjoy wearing lingerie, so Iíd like to do one where Iím in the bed in
    my lingerie and then I slowly take it off.

    Q: Iíd like to see you in the shower.
    A: Iíd be happy to do that.

    Q: Now I have something to live for!
    A: Iíll be sure and use lots of soap.

    Q: Youíre the best! Thanks for chatting.
    A: Any time!


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    Oh my......this one looks like my gf's daugher.

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