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Thread: Jessi - Jessi And Her Bangin’ Ride Through Hialeah - 1280px - 641X (13-04-2016) Download Images 

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    1,256,220 Jessi - Jessi And Her Bangin’ Ride Through Hialeah - 1280px - 641X (13-04-2016)

    BangBus - Jessi - Jessi And Her Bangin’ Ride Through Hialeah - 1280px - 641X

    Model: Jessi
    Set: Jessi And Her Bangin’ Ride Through Hialeah
    Pictures: 641 hi-res pictures
    Resolution: 2280px
    Release Date: Wednesday April 13, 2016

    As we drive through Hialeah this hot, dark-haired latina caught our eye. She gives us attitude from the gate, but Tony works his magic and gets her to do an “interview” in the van. As we talk with Jessi it’s clear she ain’t taking shit from anyone and puts up a huge cock-block of a front. But once again Tony gets on her good side and she lightens up a little. She’s got some nice plump tits and that amazing latina ass, so we offer her some cash to see the goods. It takes some wheeling and dealing, but as they say money talks and soon she’s down to just her booty shorts. Jessi bounces that big beautiful ass and perfect pierced tits for us. Tony can only take so much before he just has to whips it out. Jessi doesn't back down much and with a little more cash she’s stroking and sucking like a champ. After that she’s game for anything and doesn't resist one bit as Tony takes off her shorts. Jessi is ready to get pounded and that she does as Tony hits that fat pink pussy from every angle till he covers her tits in cum. Then Jessi starts up with the attitude again, so we throw her shit out the van. She starts banging on the van when we won’t let her back in and we have no choice but to leave and avoid the rocks that start flying our way.

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    Thanks and comments are very much appreciated.

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