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    JustTeenSite - Tanja - Favola - 104x

    Age: 19
    Hair Color: Blond
    Country: Ukraine
    Set Name: Favola
    Date: 2006-12-16 (new!)
    Photographer: Davy Moor

    Tanja's Bigraphy:-

    Tanja, a 19 year old brunette from Ukraine, is a classic example of that country's genetic mix. Many nations of the centuries have congregated in Ukraine, trying to conquer it and fighting over it, and this mixture has created a kind of "Ukrainian gypsy". She is cocoa skinned, with light brown hair and blue eyes, and she is always very tall and beautiful and sensually powerful. That's Tanja!

    Tanja was raised in a house of boys, so she knows all about that male energy. Plus, she is an erotic dancer who's so good at what she does she only needs to dance two nights each week and she has plenty of money. So, what's she do with her spare time? Rollerblade, listen to her iPod, hang out with her friends, and hunt for boys or should we say, "men", since Tanja prefers her love-interested on the older side!

    Just one look into Tanja's eyes and you'll see how exotic and sexy she is. She has a real serious look on her face, like she's ready to get down to business. And if you could see her do her strip-tease, you'd know what we mean. This girl does not mess around at least not until she gets off work! Come along and get a lap-dance from Tanja the Ukrainian Gypsy Girl!

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