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    JustTeenSite - Liliya - Housemaid - 55x


    Age: 20
    Hair Color: Blond
    Country: Ukraine
    Set Name: Housemaid
    Date: 2005-08-08
    Photographer: V. Stadnik


    Liliya's first photo shoot with JustTeenSite shows her cooking naked. And in fact, that's exactly what she does for a living! Read on to discover the crazy occupation of this incredibly gorgeous 20-year old blonde from Ukraine!

    Q: Hey, Lilya. So tell us how it came about that your first photo shoot shows you naked in the kitchen cooking a meal and drinking champagne?
    A: It's my job :-)

    Q: You do that for a living?
    A: Yes!

    Q; Wo! Tell us about that!
    A: I work for a small company who you can pay to get a maid for your house. But our maids are special. We do everything naked. We cook, clean, and do laundry without any clothes on, and the patrons are allowed to watch.

    Q: But no touching!
    A: That's right :-)

    Q: Wow! That sounds like something we'd like to try!
    A: Are you in Kiev?

    Q: No.
    A: Then you can't do it. We only work in Kiev.

    Q: Well, someday I'll come there and give it a try.
    A: That would be fun!

    Q: So when it came time for your shoot, you talked to the photographer about your job, and that's how the idea came up?
    A: The photographer knew I did that for a living, and so when we talked about what he'd like me to do, that was the first thing he asked for, and for me it was natural and easy. I do it all day long!

    Q: Do you like the work?
    A: O yes. The pay is very good, and plus the company is always nice. We are very expensive, so the people I clean for are always rich and they lead interesting lives. I like to talk to them while I'm cleaning.

    Q: So what else do you do with your time?
    A: When I am not at work I am going to class or studying. Sometimes I go out and have fun, but I don't have much time.

    Q: What are you studying?
    A: Business. I hope some day to have a trading store where I bring goods from Asia and sell them in Kiev.

    Q: What got you interested in that?
    A: I went to Thailand and Burma a year ago, and there are so many beautiful artists and craftsmen there, the idea occurred to me to set up trading between the two places. I sell some stuff at a street fair on the weekends, and it sells very well, so I think it could make a great business.

    Q: Switching topics, what kind of lover is Liliya?
    A: Wild wild wild!

    Q: Really?
    A: Well, I am not an easy girl, but if I am with someone and he is my boyfriend, I love to have sex. Especially in public.

    Q: Where have you had sex in public?
    A: On a bridge, in a park, on a roof, and in a hallway. It's awesome!

    Q: What do you like so much about it?
    A: The thrill that someone might find you, and how funny that would be. I don't really care. So they see me having sex? Sex is awesome, and if they don't like it, how sad for them. But I like how naughty it is. I'm kind of a naughty girl.

    Q: Great!
    A: Can't you tell from my photos?

    Q: Yes, I guess I can!
    A: I'll do anything for the members :-)

    Q: All right, well, thanks for talking today!
    A: You are welcome.

    Do you like to read models's inteviews?
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    Quote Originally Posted by indyman1008

    Do you like to read models's inteviews?
    Yes - and no - I allways get this feeling of faking.
    That either is it something the phothographer/site writes, or the model tells 'to be smart'.

    Ohhhh - not to forget - a big thank you for a good job. ^O^ _O_

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