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    JustTeenSite - Maria - Impression - 57x

    Name: Maria*
    Age: 19
    Hair Color: Brown
    Country: Ukraine
    Pictures: 57x 2000-3000px
    Name: Impression
    Date: 2006-01-15
    Photographer: Mirku Laulu


    If there's a model on our site who achieves a state of perfect innocence and beauty, it's Maria. She glows like an angel. So young (only 19), so innocent (saving herself for marriage) and so perfect. Check out our recent discussion with her below, and just try not to fall in love.

    Q: Hi, Maria. How are you today?
    A: I am good, thank you. The weather is nice here for a change !

    Q: Where are you?
    A: I live in Odessa. We have had a cold winter, and I love to be outside.

    Q: You don't enjoy winter sports?
    A: O, I like to ice skate and ski, yes, but what I really love to do is swim in the sun and be outside having picnics and playing Frisbee.

    Q: Have you lived in Odessa all your life?
    A: Yes, I have. I still live with my parents. We have lived in our house for 8 years. Before that we had a much smaller house. My father works for the government and he has done very well lately. And my mother brings in extra money by selling flowers.

    Q: And what do you do with yourself?
    A: O, I'm not sure. I haven't started university yet. I'm not sure I want to. I have started working in a cafe on the weekends, and I almost make enough money in tips to not have to work the rest of the week. I have simple tastes, so I don't need a lot of money. Maybe I will just live here all my life and try not to work at all!

    Q: What was it like posing naked for the first time?
    A: You know, I barely remember it. I was so nervous. My heart was pumping so hard. It seems now on recollection that I went from having my bathing suit on to having nothing on, all in a matter of seconds! But when it was all over, I had a warm tingly feeling all over my body, like I'd done something really daring and exciting, and I definitely want to do it again!

    Q: You are incredibly beautiful and precious in your photos.
    A: Thank you.

    Q: We see you shaved for the shoot.
    A: Yes, I shave regularly, even when I'm not doing a nude shoot.

    Q: Can you tell us why?
    A: I find that my lovers like it better !

    Q: And you are only too happy to please them?
    A: But of course! What else would I do?

    Q: Do you have a lot of experience with young men?
    A: Not only young men, but young women too!

    Q: Really? Tell us about that!
    A: What is to tell? I enjoy making love with both boys and girls. I am in this life for the experience and the thrills. Why limit myself?

    Q: Do you like boys or girls better?
    A: Each of them is special in their own way. Boys are wilder and more energetic, but girls are slower and more in tune with my body. If I had my way, I'd always be with both.

    Q: Very nice! Can we expect to see a photo shoot of you with another girl some day?
    A: If JustTeenSite wishes it, I am willing!

    Q: So our last question is this 'you have a special, angelic look to you' like you are very happy in your soul. Are you generally happy and at peace, and how do you achieve it?
    A: I am very happy. I don't think I've ever been sad for more than one hour, and that was when my cat died and I was 13. I feel like, why be sad? I am a pretty girl, and I can usually get what I want, and I have security and health in my life. It is not hard to find friends and lovers if you are an open spirit, so I have nothing to bother me. Life is good!

    Q: Thanks for the thoughts, and the nudes! :W
    A: You are welcome!

    :coolme: * Banzai likes Maria very much!!! :coolme:

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    JustTeenSite - Maria - Impression

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    For fans, she's called Marie in Femjoy and Annaliese in TSM. Thxs :rockon:

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