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    JustTeenSite - Ana - Shady Grove - 88x

    Ana, Age: 21, Hair Color: Blond, Country: Ukraine :bj:

    INTERVIEW WITH ANA:----------------------------------------------------------

    Beauty, elegance, and charm. Those are the words that come to mind when you see Anna, the other-worldly young and gorgeous blonde 21 year old teen from Russia. Be sure and check out her photos, because they are amazing. As is her personality, as the interview below shows all too well.

    Q: Greetings, Anna. We just looked at your photo set, Shady Grove, by Alex Gradov. What a beautiful collection of images!
    A: Yes, I was very happy with them. I thought that what he was able to do with the lighting was very special.

    Q: We agree. He was able to get shots of you where the shadows are falling across your body in such a way that every line and curve is accentuated. And your skin and hair are glowing like those of an angel!
    A: Well, thank you!

    Q: Certainly all your life you have been told that you are an exceptionally lovely girl.
    A: Some of my life, yes, but I was not so pretty when I first went through puberty.

    Q: That is hard to believe!
    A: No, my breasts were late to develop, and I was not so curvy, and I had pimples and braces, and my hair was short.

    Q: Well, you have gone through some major changes!
    A: For the better, I think.

    Q: We agree! There is hardly a girl on the site who can match you feature for feature. Your long flowing silky blond hair, your full ripe breasts, your supple and sexy curves, why, if we may say so, you even have one of the most beautiful, well, you know what is on the site!
    A: You are making me blush!

    Q: Sorry, but we must give praise where praise is due! So, tell our members a little about your life.
    A: I live in Volgograd, Russia, where I work at a flower store that is owned by my uncle. I have my own apartment that I share with two friends. And when I am not working I like to read and go hiking and also to of course flirt with the boys.

    Q: Why did you decide to pose nude?
    A: It was a dare from one of my room-mates! She told me I was always looking at myself naked in the mirror, so I should just go ahead and pose naked! When I said I would never do that, she dared me and told me I was afraid, and so I had to do it then!

    Q: We are glad your friend was so forceful!
    A: I am too. I don't know why I was so negative about it at first. Now that I hve done it, it just makes sense. I am always looking at myself naked in the mirror, and I suppose in the back of my mind I have thought of modeling. Not to brag, but yes of course many people are always telling me I should model, but there aren't many opportunities in Volgograd. So doing it with JustTeenSite was perfect, and I liked it.

    Q: You really liked it?
    A: O, yes. It was very fun, and very sexy too.

    Q: We are glad to hear that. You look like you enjoyed yourself.
    A: I did, and I hope to do it again!

    Q: We hope so too!
    A: Thanks!


    Photographer: Alex Gradov, 2006-02-27

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