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    JustTeenSite - Luba - Wizard - 81x

    Luba, Age: 18, Hair Color: Light Brown, Country: Russia

    INTERVIEW WITH LUBA:----------

    Luba means "love" in Russian, and this 18 year old Russian beauty is definitely going to set your heart in love. She is so amazingly gorgeous, and she loves to please the men so much, you couldnít find a better girl in your dreams!

    Q: Hello, Luba.
    A: Hello.

    Q: Where are you writing us from?
    A: My bedroom.

    Q: Nice. Can you describe it?
    A: I have a big waterbed, lots of pictures on the wall of my favorite bands, a dresser full of expensive clothes, most of which my boyfriend bought me, and a whole bunch of CDís of music.

    Q: Where do you live?
    A: In Moscow, with my parents.

    Q: Iím sure you know this, but you are SO beautiful.
    A: Thank you.

    Q: Whatís it like being so beautiful and posing naked, knowing that men are going crazy looking at your pictures?
    A: I like it. Thatís why I do it. I like to watch men squirm 

    Q: Well, you make them squirm, no doubt. Howíd you get so fit?
    A: I exercise constantly! Mostly running and lifting weights, but I also go rowing.

    Q: Rowing?
    A: Yes, I am on the row team for my college.

    Q: What are you studying in school?
    A: Business.

    Q: What do you plan to do with your business degree?
    A: Nothing! I do not plan to work. I am going to marry a rich man, though he will also be handsome and young. I have big plans!

    Q: If anyone could achieve that, itís you. Howíd you get involved in modeling for JTS?
    A: I answered an ad in the paper. It was easy.

    Q: Have you never done it before?
    A: Nope, and I donít plan to again. It was just a thing I did to say Iíd done it.

    Q: No more beautiful naked Luba?!?!
    A: Only for JTS 

    Q: What do you think is your best body part?
    A: I think my ass is a Perfect 10.

    Q: Agreed!
    A: But I wish my breasts were bigger.

    Q: No! Theyíre a Perfect 11!
    A: You donít think they should be fuller, with bigger nipples?

    Q: Yeah, sure, thatís nice too, but nature blessed you with beautiful small breasts. We love them!
    A: Okay! Then so do I!



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