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    JustTeenSite - Masha - Bluma - 119x

    Prikker says, "Masha looks damn cute!"
    Masha, Age: 19, Hair Color: Light Brown, Country: Russia

    INTERVIEW WITH MASHA -----------------------------------------------------------

    Justine* is a sexy, young Ukrainian who loves to get crazy. You can see her
    in one of her sets in a hot blue dress with a blue beaded necklace. That’s
    just one of the outfits she wears when she goes outЉand one of the outfits
    she takes off on JustTeenSite. Read on to meet this young hottie!

    Q: Hey, Justine!
    A: Hi.

    Q: So, tell our members about yourself.
    A: My name is Justine, I live about an hour outside of Kiev, and I am a

    Q: What do you like to do for fun?
    A: I like to go to the water and sunbathe. I like to have parties and go
    dancing. I like movies and music. And I like hanging out with my family.
    Anything I do is fun!

    Q: So, how did you discover JustTeenSite?
    A: My friends and I were looking at it onlineЉme and my boyfriends, that
    isЉand I sent an email asking if I could model, and you responded.

    Q: Glad we did!
    A: Me too!

    Q: So, when you say “boyfriends,” do you mean you’re dating several guys, or
    they’re just friends?
    A: No, they are just friends. I am not dating anyone. I am too young for

    Q: Too young to date?

    A: No, too young to settle on just one man! My mother tells me not to fall
    in love yet, just to play around because when I am married, that is it for

    Q: So how do you stay so beautiful?
    A: I was born that way!

    Q: But seriously, we’d like to hear about your exercise routine.
    A: The only exercise I do is on the dance floor and in the bedroom. I am
    still young, but some day I will have to start working harder.

    Q: What kind of exercise do you do in the bedroom?
    A: O, you know. After the clubs, me and my friends come home, or maybe
    someone I just met, and we hang outІ in the bedroom. My parents don’t mind.

    Q: You live with your parents?
    A: Yes, but they let me do what I want.

    Q: Anything else to tell our members, who love you to death.
    A: Just keep looking. I am here for you, and you can fantasize about me all
    you want!

    Q: Thanks for chatting.
    A: Any time!

    Note: * JTS appears to be mixed up in name between Masha and Justine! :H

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    That Prikker's got a damn fine taste !!! lol

    Thanks Indy !

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