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    JustTeenSite - Nata & Ruslana - Assortia - 120x

    Nata on Right, Age: 20, Country: Russia and Ruslana on left, Age: 22, Country: Ukraine

    Date: 2006-11-18, Photographer: Den Rusoff
    INTERVIEW WITH NATA ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    Get ready for Nata, the incredibly delicious 20 year old blonde from Russia. This girl is an experienced lady, having done quite a bit of nude modeling and also some stripping. But when you hear her speak, you’d swear she’s as innocent as they come!

    Q: Hey, Nata. What a beautiful petite blonde you are!
    A: Thank you.

    Q: So, tell us where you live.
    A: I live in an apartment in Moscow with my roommate. He is a musician in a very great rock band who plays in many of the local clubs, but I think he will be greater known soon.

    Q: And what do you do for a living?
    A: I am erotic dancer some time, and some time I work as waitress at night club.

    Q: Erotic dancing? What kind of erotic dancing?
    A: You know, taking clothes off on stage. I have done it for over year now, and it is very good money and much fun.

    Q: Nice! So, what do you like to do for fun other than take your clothes off?
    A: I go to shows and hang out with my friends. I take my dog on a walk and play in the park with him. I ride my bike and visit my family.

    Q: Are you close with your family?
    A: Most of them. My mother and I don’t get along so well, but what’s new? I like my brothers and my father, though. They take me riding on their motorcycles, and that is so cool.

    Q: How did you get involved with posing for JTS?
    A: There was a man who came into my dance club several nights, and then one day he introduced himself as a photographer, and so I decided to work with him.

    Q: Did you have a good time?
    A: Yes, it was great. I like it even more than erotic dancing, because you get to see what you did.

    Q: Do you think you’re hot?
    A: What can I say?

    Q: Where did you get the beautiful red necklace that dangles between your perfect small breasts in the photo set, Rally?
    A: My father gave it to me. It was made in Romania and is very old.

    Q: What about the car?
    A: It is mine.

    Q: We’d love to go for a spin in that with you!
    A: Some day that would be fun!

    INTERVIEW WITH RUSLANA ---------------------------------------------------------------------

    Meet Ruslana, of Russia. She's a 22-year old blonde with a beautiful petite body and a really great smile. We had a chat with her via email recently, and it was great to hear all about her thrilling life near the Baltic Sea.

    Q: Hi, Ruslana.
    A: Hi.

    Q: So in all your photo shoots, you're near water. Do you live near a lake or the ocean?
    A: I live in a town on the Baltic Sea. That's where those photos were taken.

    Q: Tell us about where you live.
    A: It's a fishing village, though no one fishes anymore. We have plenty of tourism, mostly from Moscow and Finland. It's a nice place, though I am a little bored with it. The best part is that during the summer it's fun to swim, even if the water is still very cold.

    Q: What do you for work?
    A: I am a helper on a tour bus. We drive around the old city and give tours in English. I have studied English in high school and college.

    Q: Are you still in school?
    A: No, I dropped out because my mother got sick and I needed to work. But she is better now so I'm hoping to go back next year.

    Q: What will you study?
    A: I will study business and English so that when I am done I can work for a company that trades with England and America. There are a lot of companies here who do that. I would especially like to get into computer sales.

    Q: Tell us about your decision to be a nude model. Was it a hard one to make?
    A: It was so hard! At first I thought no way, but my friends talked me into it. Some of them had done it, and so I thought why not.

    Q: Are you glad you did it?
    A: Yes. I think the photos are fun. They are not what I thought they would be, like porno. They are just fun to look at and they show a girl naked which is a thing that is okay in my opinion.

    Q: You look very happy in the photos.
    A: I was very happy! That's what I liked about it so much. You can't imagine the sensation of being in public like that and taking off your clothes. It is so freeing, and you feel like a wild animal. I was buzzing with happiness for a week later.

    Q: Does looking at your photos make you feel sexy?
    A: No, not really. But the boys I have shown them to definitely like them. Sometimes I have been at a party and my girlfriends will bring up the photos to embarrass me, but they are the ones who are embarrassed when all the boys then want to be with me!

    Q: You deserve all the attention you get. You're stunning young lady.
    A: Thank you!

    Q: And some of our members have commented that you have the best poses on the site!
    A: I love to pose! And the photographer was a big help, too. He made very good suggestions. In a way, it's all about just being comfortable, and then you start to show off, and you start feeling very erotic and hot, and it all flows from that.

    Q: Nice to hear!



    Nata - Rally by Junkyard Dog

    Nata - Violent by Junkyard Dog

    Ruslana - Della by Junkyard Dog

    Ruslana - Sunset by Junkyard Dog

    Ruslana - Solitude by Junkyard Dog


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