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    31 May 2010

    Guidelines & Rules: Transsexual Photo Sets

    Guidelines & Rules for the Transsexual Photo Sets section

    In addition to the global rules, the following section specific rules apply here.

    What to post?
    Sets in which the model is a transsexual, shemale, ladyboy, new-half or kathoey. Models should for all intents and purposes look female, have tits and a male reproductive organ. No crossdressers.

    - Add the name of the website, the model(s) and set in the thread title.
    - Do not use brackets and do not abbreviate or obfuscate the thread title.
    - Pick the correct prefix from the drop-down list. If it's not present, request it here.

    - Add all images as clickable thumbnails.
    - Thumbnails must appear in sequential order
    - Thumbnails must link to images in the highest available resolution.
    - All images must be posted on the same image-host; exception for covers.

    - You must start a new thread for every set.
    - You may start as many threads as you wish.
    - Threads you start must contain sets that have not been posted on ViperGirls before.
    - Sets are sorted by thread start date. Newest threads appear on top.

    Download Links
    - May be freely added by anyone.
    - No mirrors on the same file-host are allowed.
    - Must always contain the highest available resolution.

    New Releases
    - The publication date must be either yesterday or today, CET (GMT+1).
    - Sets marked as new release are stuck at the top of the section for 6 hours.
    - Sets marked as new release are marked as new release for a total of 48 hours.
    - Sets with no known publication date and "unreleased" sets may not be marked as new release.

    - You may only repost sets if the original set is dead.
    - You must repost your set in the original set's thread.
    - You must repost your set on a different image-host.

    Reposting (New Releases)
    - You may repost sets if done within 30 minutes.
    - You may repost sets if the original set is dead.
    - You must repost your set in the original set's thread.
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