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    JustTeenSite - Evgeniya - Masqueade - 128x

    Evgeniya, Age: 19, Country: Russia, and Anna, Age: 22, Country: Ukraine,2006-09-08

    Evgeniya (one on left on above picture) is a stunning and exotic young model from Russia. This is her first time posing naked ever, so she's obviously a little shy, and you can tell that in the photos. However, she has no problem overcoming her shyness and taking it all off for you. And when she does, true beauty shines forth!

    You'll notice right away that Evgeniya has a bit of the Asian look in her skin is olive, her hair black and straight, and she has oriental-looking eyes. Well, that's because her mother is from Mongolia and her father is from Russia, so she has that intercontinental beauty about her. As for Evgeniya, she has lived most of her life in Russia, though she spent some time in Mongolia two years to be exact visiting her ancestors and finishing high school.

    It was not easy convincing this young doll to pose naked. She is very modest and traditional. However, when her friend, Anna, decided to do it, Evgeniya saw the photos and became very envious. She wanted to be that beautiful too!

    So we did some test shots, and sure enough, Evgeniya liked what she saw! She loves that you are looking at her photos and can't wait to hear your comments, so keep them coming! Anna is a sexy, powerful brunette Russian honey. More of a babe than a teen, she drips with experienced sensuality. Recently, JustTeenSite conducted an e-nterview with Anna, and here it is.

    Q: Hello, Anna. Where are you while you type this?
    A: I am in my room, at home. I live with my parents. Yuck!

    Q: Have you seen your photo series, POOL, yet, and do you like it?
    A: I saw it when it first came out, and I did like it very much, but I don't remember doing all the poses where I was showing so much! I am a little embarrassed 

    Q: We think you look lovely.
    A: Thank you!

    Q: So, tell us about yourself how old are you, where do you live, what do you do for work?
    A: I am 22 and I live in St. Petersburg, Russia. I still live in the house I was born in, with my parents and my eight brothers and sisters! And for work, I do not work. I am a student to be a teacher.


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