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    1,550,867 Jolie Rain - Redhead With A Rack - 3000px - 100X (08-02-2016)

    Scoreland - Jolie Rain - Redhead With A Rack - 3000px - 100X

    Model: Jolie Rain
    Set: Redhead With A Rack
    Pictures: 100 hi-res pictures
    Resolution: 3000px
    Release Date: Monday February 8, 2016

    Stacked ginger Jolie Rain with a bod to kill for is a walking wet dream in her sexy lingerie and heels. Built like a brick shithouse, Miss Rain is looking for some no-strings sex with a hard dick. Her fuck-buddy is up for the horny redhead and weapons expert. Jolie is anxious to practice with his tool using her own weapons of mass distraction. An Iraq veteran, Cajun country tomboy, video gamer and girl-next-door Jolie whoops ass repairing muscle cars, practicing mixed martial arts and playing bass guitar. "I'm really bad in the bedroom," said Jolie. "I like pulling hair, and biting. Talking really, really dirty. I'm kind of a submissive. I've done bondage and have done it quite a bit. But I also like good, hard sex. It's so much fun. I don't typically do one-night stands, but there have been times where it's just been, 'Okay, I can't pass that up!' "I can cum fast or slow. If I'm doing it for him, I'll take my time and do it easy. But if I've been watching porn all day, I'm like, 'Come here!' and be done in 30 seconds. I actually like to put his legs on his shoulders and pull his legs closer to me. It's like missionary, but the position is much better. The angle is amazing. I'm a pervert, like I said. I like to look at girls. I love natural breasts. I love just everything about big, beautiful breasts. I'd be really sad if I didn't. Girls are fine."

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    Thanks and comments are very much appreciated.


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