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Thread: Should "Suze Classic" no-touch stuff be in "Hardcore"? Download Images 

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    5 Mar 2015

    Should "Suze Classic" no-touch stuff be in "Hardcore"?

    This isn't an angry complaint, but a mildly curious question.
    The rules of this board say that the >> HARDCORE << section should contain:

    "Photo sets in which there is sexual penetration in whatever orifice."

    Under that simple, straightforward definition, roughly half of the photo sets
    issued by are NOT hardcore, and should NOT be in the "Hardcore" section.

    For anyone who doesn't know it, the Suze Randall site went thru a period of years
    (I don't know details, but I'm guessing it was in the late 1980's or and/or early 90's)
    when the only B/G picsets and videos it issued contained NO penetration,
    or even direct genital contact.
    These came to be called "Suze Classic" sets. The rule was,
    "Hold them close, but don't let them touch. At all."
    That is pretty much what defines a "Suze Classic" set.

    Here are a few quick examples:

    If you want to see more, check out any of these threads,
    and see if you can find a single example of "sexual penetration in whatever orifice"
    in ANY of them:

    Now, I realize that some guys LIKE to see that kind of stuff,
    where there is no actual sex going on.
    But, I suspect most of THOSE members tend to avoid the Hardcore picsets,
    and stay in the "Solo" and "Artistic" sections.

    So, the question becomes: wouldn't we be helping THOSE members,
    more and better, by putting "Suze Classic" stuff in the "Artistic" section
    (since it clearly does not qualify as "Solo", either).

    And, should this board create a "Suze Classic" prefix, to help members
    quickly and easily tell, from a simple thread title, whether they
    want to spend time figuring out which category it's in?
    Rather than opening a thread, thinking it really is going to be hardcore,
    and then get taken to a place where they're asking,
    "What the hell? What is this crap? This isn't hardcore, like it promised.
    This isn't what I was looking for, and wanted . . . This is crap!"
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