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Viper Ripper v1.15

Released May 10, 2018

The Viper Ripper is a free download app for Windows with which you can download images posted on ViperGirls and hosted on external image-hosts. This tool can be used in combination with the "Download Images" links you see at the top right corner of every thread. If you are using MacOS or Linux you can attempt to run the Viper Ripper inside WINE.

Starting with v1.15 we will be providing an installer and a portable Viper Ripper. Please read the following two paragraphs carefully.

The installer version will install the Viper Ripper like any other setup executable. You can choose a destination folder to install to, create a desktop shortcut and uninstall the application. The benefit of the installer is that it automatically elevates the install process to an administrative level which enables the installer to properly register the vr protocol and its usage folders. The installer places its user folder (the folder with your jobs history, settings and galleries) inside the %APPDATA%\ViperRipper user area. Before running the installer you may want to remove the settings file first: navigate to %APPDATA%\ViperRipper\user and remove the settings file. You will have to open the Viper Ripper at least once after installation before the vr protocol works.

The portable version is truly portable now and intended for the computer savvy person. It no longer fiddles in your system registry and does not use the %APPDATA%\ViperRipper user area to store settings. Instead it now stores that information in its own sub-folder making the portable version truly portable. If you would like to use the vr protocol you'll have to manually enable it. You can do so by opening the tools sub-folder and running cleanup.bat and then protocol.bat with administrative privileges.

- installer: vr_v115i.zip
- portable: vr_v115p.zip

- installer and portable versions
- auto start now works again
- previously reported bugs fixed
- status bar showing actual status
- user interface updates and tweaks
- remove jobs after completion setting fixed

Please submit issues to our bug tracking platform.

For more information, scroll down to the second post or click here.