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    1,548,977 Alyssa Lynn - Triangle Of Sex - 3000px - 55X (05-12-2015)

    Scoreland - Alyssa Lynn - Triangle Of Sex - 3000px - 55X

    Model: Alyssa Lynn
    Set: Triangle Of Sex
    Pictures: 55 hi-res pictures
    Resolution: 3000px
    Release Date: Saturday December 5, 2015

    SCORELAND's threesome series continues with Alyssa Lynn's Triangle of Sex. Peter is a dinner guest at Alyssa and Tony's place. Tony has plans that go beyond simply eating fried chicken. He wants Peter to join him in a business venture. Peter is not so sure and is playing hard ball. But Tony is better at sealing the deal and he's got his sexy wife Alyssa as beautiful bait. Here's Tony's offer, an offer that Peter, or any horny guy, would be hard pressed to reject. Become his partner in a 50-50 split and also get to fuck his hot wifey as part of the arrangement. Peter's been eyeing Alyssa's big, bouncy tits wedged in her tight dress since he came over and has been fantasizing about her ever since. Tony is more than willing to pimp out Alyssa to make this deal a reality and she's backing him up all the way. All the way in. She sticks her boobs in Peter's face and sticks a piece of bread in his mouth. That's all it takes. She's a fast negotiator. Alyssa kneels before her guy and his new partner, takes both of their cocks in her hands and jerks and licks their bloated shafts. Now they'll get to share Alyssa's beautifully-stacked rack, 50-50. One man takes a mouth, one man takes a pussy and they'll swap as they go. Is this any way to run a new business? You bet it is!

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    Thanks and comments are very much appreciated.


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