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    22 Oct 2005

    [GoddessNudes] Anita x19

    These ten sets are all that are offered from the GoddessNudes website. They are "collection one". Since they are only available for download as a whole, there is not a members section, and presumably there will be more "collections", I didnt post these as a "site-rip". These are in "super-high resolution".


    god·dess (god'is)
    1. A female being of supernatural powers, worshiped by a people.
    2. An image of a female supernatural being; an idol.
    3. A woman of great beauty or grace.

    We have goddesses all around us. Beautiful women of all shapes and sizes are here for us, to inspire us to do the best in life, to give us beauty and life, to let us know that everything is all right.

    We can't always be near all the goddesses we would like. We are too busy handling the minutia of life, taking care of business, making do and improving our lot.

    But until better times, help is at hand: GoddessNudes -- bringing you inspiring images of the prettiest women to be found, warm and close, just for you.

    GoddessNudes does not have any membership section, we offer whole downloadable collections of exclusive photo shoots, in high and super-high resolution.

    Download link:

    Pass: thehandofdeath

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