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    1,549,627 Shiloh Sharada - Street Certified - 1800px - 556X (25-10-2015)

    StreetBlowJobs - Shiloh Sharada - Street Certified - 1800px - 556X

    Model: Shiloh Sharada
    Set: Street Certified
    Pictures: 556 hi-res pictures
    Resolution: 1800px
    Release Date: Sunday October 25, 2015

    Shiloh was sitting at the park going through the classifieds looking for a place to rent. I found that out after introducing myself and striking up a conversation. She was about $500 shy and had decided to look for something a little less expensive but I had something else in mind. I told her I would help her get to that extra $500 if she was willing to hang out with me for a little while at my hotel room. I thought I was going to get smacked in the face after mentioning it and offering only $100 but she actually was totally open to the idea although she felt she deserved much more. We went back and forth on the negotiation and landed on $300. She stripped all her clothes off in a super sexy way once we got to my room and that's when I knew she was really trying to impress me to hopefully get me to tip her the other $200 she was still short. She deep throated me as soon as she saw I got hard as a rock just looking at her strip down. When I couldn't take it anymore she laid on her back and let me shove my dick into her nice and slow. We went through a few positions and she almost seemed to have more fun than me! I was so pleased with her performance I covered the whole $500, BUT on the condition she would invite me over here and there. Sometimes you have to have a "cunt"-ingency plan for extreme droughts where there is no fine snatch to entice into a street blow job. LOL!

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    Thanks and comments are very much appreciated.


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