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    1,551,057 Claudia Marie - Anal Friendly - 3000px - 76X (24-10-2015)

    Scoreland - Claudia Marie - Anal Friendly - 3000px - 76X

    Model: Claudia Marie
    Set: Anal Friendly
    Pictures: 76 hi-res pictures
    Resolution: 3000px
    Release Date: Saturday October 24, 2015

    Claudia Marie loves getting fucked in the ass. "It's the feeling," says Claudia. "There's something about it. It feels nothing like a vaginal orgasm. Every anal orgasm I've had, I've cried. Getting somebody who can do it right isn't easy, but it's so good. Vaginally, I can cum pretty easily. I'm highly orgasmic, especially if a guy knows where to touch a woman." When Carlos Rios meets Claudia for the first time, they go at it like thunder and lightning. He slams his dick into her and bangs the mega-boobed sex star senseless. She screams and yells as his ram-bone plows her pussy and butthole. He positions Claudia the way he wants her, like a life-sized fuck doll, below him and on top of him. Claudia lives in Las Vegas and that suits her just fine. She knows all the mega-boobed stars in town. "Some of us don't want to live in California in that porn bubble," says Claudia. Like Daphne Rosen, Claudia could teach courses in anal fucking. "Some guys don't realize that it's not a vagina. It's a very sensitive area. The woman needs to be turned on a lot. He needs to start with his finger, relax it, open it up a bit, start with the head, go in slowly and let the girl get used to it. Don't just pop it in. And don't be scared to ask. If you don't know, just ask the woman. She'll show you how to do it. I've had anal sex where the orgasms have made me cry. They're so intense."

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