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    1,579,257 Mandy Muse - Swinning In it - 1800px - 242X (05-09-2015)

    CaptainStabbin - Mandy Muse - Swinning In it - 1800px - 242X

    Model: Mandy Muse
    Set: Swinning In it
    Pictures: 242 hi-res pictures
    Resolution: 1800px
    Release Date: Saturday September 5, 2015

    We picked up Mandy Muse to take a nice trip out in the ocean with us. She had never been fishing, so we thought it we would teach her a few things about catching the big fish. She was a hot young girl that was down for whatever. That is the real reason we brought her along. Everything else is just a bonus. We battled the waves for a while as fishing seemed to lose it's fun by the second. We let Mandy reel in the last line. As she bent over Jmac, she shook her ass and teased us. Jmac knew how loose she was so he popped a finger in her ass. She wasn't fazed what so ever. Right then we knew this was going to be another Captain Stabbing adventure. We moved to the front of the boat to let the real open water sport begin. Mandy took his cock with all her might as the sun beat down. They worked on their tans as Jmac work on her ass. He went hook, line and sank his cock deep in to her, but there was still one final lesson for her. Every one that comes aboard the SS Stabbin gets tossed into the deep blue sea to complete the adventure.

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    - 232 MB

    Thanks and comments are very much appreciated.


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