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Thread: Bianca Beauchamp and Cindy Synnett at E3 - latex pics and more Download Images 

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    Bianca Beauchamp and Cindy Synnett at E3 - latex pics and more

    Though gnuser kindly posted a link to some of the photos below, I thought that they were definately worth posting here directly. (My apologies if they were posted elsewhere, but I didn't see them.)

    (links to video are in bold)

    As you may or may not know, Bianca Beauchamp and her friend, fellow French Canadian Cindy Synnett, a journalist who covers technology, were selected by Ritual Entertainment to bring to life the two of the main characters from the computer game Sin Episodes.

    They recently returned from their appearance portraying villain Elexis Sinclair and heroine Jessica Cannon at the E3 Expo in L.A.

    Here are their promo shots from Ritual.

    At the E3, Bianca made such as impression that she was voted as the Top Booth Babe of E3 2006.

    Video clip at:
    (Look for the link titled Top Three Booth Babes at E3 06 )

    Bianca has said in her forums that the way she kept licking her syringe made a few of the convention attendees a little nervous.

    Here is a link to a short video clip shot at The House of Blues if you're curious about hearing Bianca and Cindy speak English with their lovely French Canadian accents. (I love the part where a slightly tipsy Cindy says "they are really generous on the alcohol here. . .", hehe.)

    Bianca's friend Cindy Synnett is also developing quite a following apparently amongst gamers, since she has that "Holy Grail" combination of being someone who is into technology and gaming plus having the looks and personality clearly enabling her to be a geniune booth babe.

    She works for an online news and technology video portal called

    • Every day at noon, a news report about technologies, the BRANCHEZ VOUS! une minute, recorded and produced in the BRANCHEZ VOUS! studio and presented by journalist Cindy Synnett;
    • Every afternoon, news stories selected from the TQS TV network’s Grand Journal daily news program;
    • Every week, conversations with creators of news magazines (such as L’Actualité) as well as road tests of new vehicles;

    If you go here:, you can watch the video where Cindy gives her daily 1 minute technology report (in French, of course).

    She also has a technology blog here: where she wrote about her experiences at E3, in addition to her usual reporting.

    (You can use to get a decent translation if you're interested in reading her blogs.)

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    Those two are just plain awesome, thank you.

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    hell yes ardias, i posted some hq press images a few days ago at hxxp:// but damn thanks for the awsome contributions many thanks for one hot babe

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