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Thread: [Gallery Carre] Nudes in Light and Shadow: Lucinka - Heavenly Maiden - 65X Download Images 

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    [Gallery Carre] Nudes in Light and Shadow: Lucinka - Heavenly Maiden - 65X

    Here is all the images of Lucinka as of JAN-06


    Lucinka - Heavenly Maiden

    In Czech, the name Lucinka means light and it was perfectly chosen for this sunny, blue-eyed blonde from Olomouc in the Czech Republic. At 1m73 (5'8) with a celestial 90-65-90 (36-24-36) figure, the light lives inside her glance, in her eyes, in her character.

    She is so filled with luminescence no exterior source was needed for Carré to capture her beauty.

    Like the sun, though, Lucinka has her black spots, not moods, but the dark moles that marred her milk white skin until they were surgically removed. The scars left on her body are less unsightly than fascinating, even moving, according to Didier Carré, a reminder that for all the outward appearances of her being a goddess, Lucinka is still human, warm and passionate.

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