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Thread: [Gallery Carre] Nudes in Light and Shadow: Suzanna - Chameleon - 128X Download Images 

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    [Gallery Carre] Nudes in Light and Shadow: Suzanna - Chameleon - 128X

    Here is all the images of Suzanna as of JAN-06

    Enjoy this super fit and hot babe!

    Suzanna - Chameleon

    If you see Suzanna on the street one day with blonde hair you can predict with certainty that the next day she'll be a brunette or a redhead. She is the classic chameleon, changing her hair, her clothes, even the way she walks, each new guise like the chips of glass in a ball of mirrors capturing different aspects of her personality.

    Suzanna is in fact a natural blonde from the Czech Republic with big, blazing blue eyes that can light up a dark street at night and a powerful, muscular body.

    At 5.6" (1.68m), she's a curvaceous 34-24-36 and one of Didier Carre's favourite models. He adores making an appointment with her so that he can spend the intervening days curious as to who exactly is going to turn up at his studio.

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