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Thread: Viper Ripper v0.4 (beta) Download Images 

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    31 May 2010

    Viper Ripper v0.4 (beta)

    Viper-Ripper v0.4 (beta)

    You can provide feedback by registering on the forum and/or by replying here:

    This is a performance and bugfix release for Windows. Proper support for MAC and Linux will be added once the Windows version is out of beta.

    - adding of large threads should be significantly faster
    - the viper ripper no longer requires administrator rights
    - the "Download Images" link at the top right of every thread now opens the Viper Ripper and adds that thread to the job list.

    Download: Viper-Ripper v0.4 (beta)

    Installation instructions
    1) remove any previous versions from the viper ripper
    2) download the Viper Ripper v0.4 from the link above
    3) extract the contents of the archive somewhere
    4) open the ViperRipper.exe file

    1) I'm seeing "bad host" for some jobs. This means the image host in that post is not supported. Report it in this thread.
    2) My files are named 1_005.jpg. The number before the underscore is the post number. It allows you to easily identify sets in multi post threads.
    3) I want original filenames. This is supported. Go the [Options] > [Preferences] and mark the box before "Grab original filenames".
    4) My jobs aren't downloading. Enable autostart downloads in the options or select the jobs you want to download and hit "Start".
    5) I'm copying links to my clipboard but nothing happens. Enable clipboard monitoring in the options.

    1) You can use ctrl+a to select all jobs and delete them or start them.
    2) You can double-click started or in progress jobs to open the download folder.
    3) To add just one post to the Viper Ripper job list: find a post and copy/paste the post link (eg. #1) at the top right of every post.
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