Viper Ripper v1.5

The Viper Ripper is a free download tool for Windows with which you can download image galleries posted on ViperGirls. This tool is used in combination with the "Download Images" links you see in the top right of every thread. To get an impression of how the tool looks like, see the screenshot.

You can provide feedback by registering on the forum and/or by replying here:

- supports 156 image hosts
- downloads entire threads or single posts
- can leave a thank you for posts you rip
- clipboard monitoring for ViperGirls links
- stores original image names if supported
- bulk import of ViperGirls links
- job history file to prevent repeat downloads
- live preview of downloaded images
- individual images can re-downloaded
- system to report unsupported hosts

Download: Viper Ripper v1.5

Version v1.5 contains numerous fixes and is hopefully our last release candidate.

Installation instructions
1) remove any previous versions from the viper ripper
2) download Viper Ripper v1.5 from the link above
3) extract the contents of the archive somewhere
4) open the ViperRipper.exe file