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    31 May 2010

    Viper Ripper v1.3 (RC4)

    Viper Ripper v1.3 (RC4)

    You can provide feedback by registering on the forum and/or by replying here:

    This is the fourth release candidate which focuses on crushing remaining bugs and adding features that increase usability. The final version is within sight!

    - 121 supported image hosts
    - ability to remove completed jobs
    - ability to select recently used download locations
    - custom download location per job
    - download history + removal options
    - proxy fixes and adjustments
    - quick access icons at top right
    - numerous bug fixes

    Download: Viper Ripper v1.3 (RC4)
    Download: Viper Ripper v1.4 (released June 19th; critical bugfix)

    Installation instructions
    1) remove any previous versions from the viper ripper
    2) download the Viper Ripper v1.3 RC4 from the link above
    3) extract the contents of the archive somewhere
    4) open the ViperRipper.exe file
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